Student File Center

The Los Angeles County Office of Education does not have access nor keep records or transcripts for students of the 80 school districts in Los Angeles County. If you require student records, then you must contact the school district office of that particular school.

LACOE's Student File Center, located in Downey, is responsible for maintaining records for all present and past pupils enrolled in LACOE's Juvenile Court Schools, Alternative and Special Education programs, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) and International Polytechnic (iPoly) High School.

The center:

  • is a clearinghouse and is responsible for fulfilling student record requests within the legal timeline;
  • responds to requests for transcripts, school records and diplomas; and
  • monitors the various types of diplomas and certificates awarded by LACOE.

Requests for transcripts, school records and/or diplomas must be in writing. Schools and agencies such as courts may request these records without parent/guardian or adult pupil permission. All other requests must have a signed consent from the parent/guardian or adult pupil.

Transcript and/or school records requests should be sent to:

Student File Center
12830 Columbia Way
Downey, CA 90242

(562) 922-6322
(562) 401-5761 FAX